Tradition isn’t trending in modern wedding ring styles. Rather than a classic style like a three-stone diamond ring, many couples are going their own way, choosing a ring that reflects their own tastes and personalities. Your options are far wider than you may realize. Read on to learn the 5 most popular styles.

Modern Art Deco
A mix of the old and the new, couples like this style for its timeless elegance and unique look. Emerald-cut diamonds or antique mine-cut diamonds suit this style well. Some couples also prefer to pair this iconic style with a modern baguette halo along the band.

Lab-Grown Diamonds
Sustainability and cost have made lab-grown diamonds a very popular choice in recent years. Unlike mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are guaranteed to be conflict free. They also offer the same quality and longevity at a more affordable price. Our Forever Pure™ Lab-Grown Diamonds are an exquisite choice that’s both socially responsible and magnificently priced.

East-West Settings
Named for the way the stone is set horizontally along the band, an east-west setting is an older style that’s regaining popularity. It’s a distinctive look that feels playful, while still being beautifully elegant.

Hidden Halo
A newly emerging trend, the hidden halo design speaks to a row of small diamonds that are placed along the bottom of a setting. It’s a subtle design that can add extra sparkle to an engagement ring. It’s especially versatile as it can be added to almost any design. It’s a stunning choice that’s also surprisingly cost-effective.

Solitaire on a Thin Band
Simplicity lends itself to a stunning result in this trend. A thinner band can make a single diamond appear larger and more exquisite, almost as if the diamond were floating on your hand. Yellow gold is often preferred and emerald, radiant, and oval shapes are the most requested cuts with this style.

Claw Mountings
We’ve also seen claw mountings become popular again. In this setting, tiny slivers hold the stone in place. Opting for yellow gold makes the setting more visible, while white gold or platinum claw settings tend to blend into the stone. Both options provide a more secure setting for the diamond, which is perhaps the most appealing aspect of this trend.

With these diverse trends, you have tons of options when it comes to choosing just the right ring for you. The team at DeVons can help you narrow down your options with their expert service and advice. Visit our locations to find a store near you for help with your search.