In a long and treasured tradition, brides have often worn something old, new, borrowed and blue on their wedding day. It began with an old English rhyme with a list of items that would bring prosperity to a marriage.

Today it’s something friends and family enjoy getting in on, happily supplying small tokens for some, if not all, of the list. Something old may be an antique bracelet, while something new could be a new piece of jewelry from the bride’s parents. It’s usually something small that can be worn or carried, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many creative ways to do it.

Something Old
Meant to represent a nod to a bride’s ancestry and her family’s well-wishes, this gift most often has been an heirloom piece. It might be something your mother or grandmother wore on their wedding day, such as a veil or piece of jewelry. It could also be something like a classic car to ride in for the day or getting married in an old church.

Something New
In the rhyme, something new is meant to represent a promising future for the marriage. A pair of diamond stud earrings make a sentimental gift that complements the bride’s wedding and engagement rings and could serve as an heirloom piece she might pass down on her daughter’s wedding day. Nearly anything new could work for this gift.

Something Borrowed
The idea behind this gift is to borrow an item and thus borrow that person’s good luck for your wedding day. It could be your grandmother’s diamond bracelet or your mother’s pearl hairpiece. It could also be something simple, like using a line from your friend’s vows that you loved or even using your parents’ wedding song as your first-dance song.

Something Blue
Blue was meant to symbolize love, purity and faithfulness to each other. Nowadays, this gift has seen the most creative interpretations, ranging from blue flowers in the bouquet to blue dresses for the bridesmaids. The blue on the underside of a groom’s cobalt wedding ring is a sophisticated choice. Sapphire earrings or a sapphire halo pendant also make a memorable and touching gift.

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