If diamonds are considered a girl’s best friend, a warranty or trade-up program might just be anyone’s BFF.

Taking care of customers is where DeVons Jewelers really shines. The Sacramento-headquartered jeweler – with 10 stores across Northern California and Nevada – allows customers to purchase fine diamonds with the ability to upgrade in size at a later time.

Although some jewelers also provide a trade-in process, most only let customers upgrade mined diamonds. DeVons is one of only a few jewelers nationwide who allows this benefit for both mined and lab-grown diamonds. That’s just one of the reasons DeVons is considered a leader in both innovation and customer service, as they provide helpful assistance before, during and after a purchase of fine jewelry.

Mined Vs. Lab-Grown

If you’re not familiar with the difference between traditional mined diamonds versus lab-grown diamonds, please read more details in our blog here.

The origin of mined and lab-grown diamonds is one of the only differences between the two. Both are certified and graded to the same high international standards, and both are visually the same.

There is an important distinction between mined and lab-grown diamonds: price. The process for mining diamonds is a very expensive one, and that cost is reflected in their average price. The high-quality Forever PureTM lab-grown diamonds available at DeVons are more affordable. That means you’ll be able to get a larger lab-grown diamond for the price of a smaller mined diamond.

Trading Up

When a customer decides it’s time to trade up, the staff at DeVons will be pleased to assist in the process. Whether the original DeVons purchase was for a mined or lab-grown diamond, the customer will receive the full purchase price (minus sales tax) towards the purchase of a larger and more expensive diamond.

For example, if the customer’s original diamond cost $4,000 and they want to buy a $10,000 diamond, they would just need to pay the difference. DeVons is one of only a handful of jewelers willing to allow this benefit for both mined and lab-grown diamonds.

Lifetime Warranty

Giving jewelry to a loved one – or buying something for yourself – is an exciting and memorable event. Choosing an engagement or wedding ring for that special someone, commemorating an anniversary or deciding on which pendant to buy for a birthday present isn’t usually an activity that most people take lightly. Jewelry buyers normally take their time so that the recipient is pleasantly surprised and gleefully happy when they unwrap the special gift.

Knowing a DeVons purchase is backed by a lifetime warranty provides true peace of mind. Although it is the customer’s choice to purchase a diamond with or without a lifetime warranty, the option is available for both mined and lab-grown diamonds, a benefit you won’t find from most other jewelers. Visit any of the 10 DeVons stores to find out more details on what is covered under the lifetime warranty.

Why DeVons?

DeVons Jewelers is widely regarded for its amazing selection of high-quality fine jewelry. In addition to using top domestic and international designers and manufacturers that they’ve utilized for decades, DeVons is always seeking prominent new jewelry designers who provide innovative styling.

The knowledge of DeVons Jewelers’ expertly trained and passionate staff is second to none. It’s part of a multigenerational family tradition that started nearly a century ago, and one that continues to serve customers well today.

Note: Certain exclusions include custom jewelry, branded lines and special orders. Visit a location near you for more details.