Diamonds have literally been around for forever. Lab-grown diamonds are a comparatively more recent trend, a gift of modern technology, and less is known about them. Regardless, a diamond is still a diamond, no matter how it was created. Here’s a look at the main differences and how they’re both made for forever.


Mined diamonds are formed naturally deep in the earth where temperatures and pressure are high enough to create them. Forever Pure™ lab-grown diamonds are manufactured in a lab using equipment that creates the same conditions.


Forever Pure™ lab-grown diamonds are more affordable, usually by about 50% , because they are less expensive to source. The process, equipment and staff necessary to create them is still costly, but not as expensive as the mining process is. Thus, even though the end product is the same, you’re able to get a larger lab-grown diamond for the price of a smaller mined diamond.

Both lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds are insurable. The insurer will need to know your diamond’s origin and quality only so that if the diamond needs to be replaced it can be replaced with a diamond that is “substantially identical.”


Mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds are certified by GCAL, IGI and GIA and graded to the same standards since they are, after all, both diamonds. There is no visible difference between the two.

Only a laboratory using very specialized technology would be able to see small contrasts in the inclusions of lab-grown diamonds rather than mined diamonds. Traditional gemological observations would not be able to tell the difference as Forever Pure™ lab-grown diamonds are optically and chemically the same as mined diamonds.

Both mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds can have the same sparkle and beauty.  But because the cost of growing an uncut lab grown “rough” material is much less than extracting it out of the earth, lab-grow diamonds are typically cut to more exacting proportions than mined diamonds thus enhancing their brilliance.   DeVons Jewelers Forever Pure™ lab-grown diamonds are only sourced from the finest growers in the world and cut to the most exacting standards thus maximizing sparkle and beauty. Your DeVons jeweler can help you choose the cut, clarity, color and carat that best suits your needs and taste.


Both lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds are susceptible to inclusions and differences in color.  We can influence nature, but we can’t control it.  These differences are all noted within the grading and certification process.

It does mean, however, that you can obtain a higher quality Forever Pure™ lab-grown diamond for the same cost as you could obtain a lower grade, mined diamond. 


Another significant difference between lab-grown and mined diamonds is their effect on the environment. Traditional mined diamonds have a muddled reputation as there have been long-standing controversial practices surrounding them, particularly those sourced from Africa. Unfortunately, a mined diamond’s origins aren’t as easily traceable as a lab-grown diamond’s.

Forever Pure™ lab-grown diamonds are guaranteed conflict free. They are produced ethically and sustainably with far less impact on our environment. It is also very easy to determine where a lab-grown diamond was sourced from.


The final decision between a Forever Pure™ lab-grown diamond and a mined diamond can come down to personal preference. Some have an emotional attachment to the idea of a mined diamond created in the earth. A diamond is a miracle any way you cut it, and some simply prefer a classic.

A Forever Pure™ lab-grown diamond is more cost-effective and thus can be a more practical choice. It can also be a preferred choice for those more sensitive to environmental concerns. Some also find it appealing that it’s a representation of modern technology and thus a more modern representation of love.

Choosing Your Forever

There’s much to consider in choosing your diamond such as the person receiving the diamond and the intent behind the gift. Either way, a diamond will always be a heartfelt gesture that will last forever and can serve as a strikingly beautiful and lasting representation of what you have together. Such a personal decision is best made in person. Take advantage of our in-store experts and let us assist you in deciding what best suits you.