Across generations and nations, there are few things as universally cherished as mothers. Flowers, dinner, breakfast in bed and children’s handmade gifts are always appreciated, but jewelry can be uniquely personal and heartwarming. Like no other gift, it can exquisitely capture what she means to you. Read on for our Mother’s Day gift suggestions for all the grandmothers and mothers in your life ranging from perfectly personal to exquisitely elegant.

Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts

Personalize It

Rings, bracelets, and necklaces can all be personalized with birthstones or an engraving.

  • Children’s Birthstones – A ring, bracelet or necklace can be a beautiful and meaningful setting for each child’s birthstone.
Mother's Day Gifts Emerald Fashion Ring DeVons Jewelers
  • Mother’s Birthstone – Choose a piece featuring her birthstone, such as this emerald fashion ring. It can be a beautiful piece that perfectly pairs her birthstone with her tastes.
  • Engravings – Place a personal message to her inside a bracelet such as a bangle bracelet. A locket or ring is another special place to include a private message meant just for her.

Who to Give This To

  • Grandmothers will appreciate a piece with their grandchildren’s birthstones to remember them by.
  • Your mother would adore a locket with a sweetly personal message from you. Bonus points for engraving a heart-touching message inside the locket.
  • Your spouse would feel so loved to receive a stunning piece with her birthstone or a bangle bracelet engraved with her children’s names or birthdates.

Elegant Mother’s Day Gifts

Opt for Elegance

A single pearl, diamond, or just a simple design may suit her best.

  • Pearls – Pearl earrings or a single pearl in a ring or necklace can be both refined and wonderfully affordable. Setting pearls in a pendant to represent each child can also be elegantly meaningful.
Mother's Day Gifts Diamond Tennis Bracelet DeVons Jewelers
  • Diamonds – Exquisite all on their own, a diamond tennis bracelet, ring, necklace or pair of earrings can be an especially meaningful gesture. In addition to mined diamonds, DeVons Forever Pure™ lab-grown diamonds are equally elegant yet more socially responsible and allow you to upgrade to a bigger diamond at the same cost.
  • Simple Design – An elegantly styled necklace, bracelet or ring can be stunning in its simplicity and a versatile reminder of you that she can wear every day.

Who to Give This To

  • Grandmothers with a strong sense of style will appreciate a sophisticated, yet elegant piece such as a string of pearls or diamond solitaire earrings.
  • Your mother would love almost anything you chose. Consider her style and choose something she would enjoy wearing often to remember you by, such as a distinctive diamond pendant or an elegant diamond ring.
  • Your spouse would adore a diamond or pearl pendant with multiple gems or pearls to represent the number of your children. Naturally, you can’t go wrong with a pair of diamond earrings to help her feel especially loved.

Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

Say It With Symbols

Choosing a design that uses hearts, stars and more can add another layer of meaning.

Mother's Day Gifts Heart Earrings DeVons Jewelers
  • Heart Earrings – There’s nothing quite like a mother’s love; a heart-shaped design beautifully represents that.
  • Heart Pendant – Sophisticated, yet elegant, this pendant shows how much your heart is wrapped around her and how much she means to you.  
  • Star Studs – Show her how bright she shines with these shooting star stud earrings. They are sure to make a statement.
  • Crescent Moon Pendant – Celestial symbols have been a longstanding statement of unconditional love. A crescent moon and star together are often depicted in imagery with the saying, “I love you to the moon and back.”

Who to Give This To

  • Gift your grandmother a pair of diamond star studs to show her what a star grandmother she is.
  • Present your mother with a heart-shaped pendant to remind her how loved she is and how much she means to you.
  • Show your spouse how much you appreciate her with a crescent moon and star necklace, which will remind her how far your love for her reaches.

If you need more help narrowing it down to just the right choice, the helpful team at DeVons is happy to guide you with advice and suggestions. Visit our locations page to find a store near you and the perfect gift for the mothers in your life.