Quality is supreme at DeVons and it shows. It’s evident in the considerable lengths we take to ensure that only the best reaches our customers, including how we source our suppliers, how we inspect our pieces and how we train our staff. DeVons values relationships above transactions and endeavors to make sure that shows, too.

Selecting Our Sources

Trust plays a significant role in selecting our suppliers. We rely heavily on referrals from trusted contacts, and of course, cost, quality and supply are important too. We have maintained relationships with our suppliers for many years, from as long as 35 years. We also keep an eye on new trends and source additional suppliers as new opportunities arise.

One advantage we have is that we are one of the very few regional chains left in the country. It allows us to buy pieces at higher volumes like a larger chain can while still maintaining those personal relationships of a smaller chain. It enables us to deliver a consistently premium experience and product for our customers.

Our size also enables us to pivot to take advantage of new trends. Currently, we are able to offer both premium mined and lab-grown diamonds, as well as other gems. In fact, we were one of the first jewelers to sell lab-grown diamonds, which continue to grow in popularity. We are also able to experiment with new designs, different cuts and various gems to inspire our suppliers to create something new and offer our customers more variety and unique pieces.

Inspecting Our Jewelry

A personal touch is essential in inspecting our jewelry and gems. We inspect the gems at the source, when they arrive in our back office and then again when they reach the store. Our process is ongoing and we have multiple, highly-experienced professionals at every stage performing the task.

In addition to the quality of the pieces, we also consider wearability for the long term. Will the band support the weight and size of the ring? Are the prongs the right thickness and appropriately placed to properly secure the gem for years to come? We consider all the possibilities. According to Jon Merksamer, Head Buyer and Board Director, “We look for something that will stand the test of time.”

Our precise inspection process also enables us to offer the same amenities and warranties on both mined and lab-grown diamonds. In short, every diamond, regardless of the source, can be purchased with absolute confidence from DeVons. That’s not something all jewelers can do.

Training Our Staff

Many members of our staff have received Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certifications. However, daily experience is especially essential to honing the craft and educating the eye. Our jewelers have developed their skills over decades of experience.

Several members of our staff also hold certifications from Rolex, TUDOR and more as our product lines continue to grow. As an employee-owned company, our staff takes great pride in their work at DeVons, especially in the products we sell and in the personal connections we develop with our customers.

Why Shop DeVons?

Come and experience the DeVons difference for yourself. Our trained and passionate staff is happy to share our amazing selection of high-quality fine jewelry with you and help guide your selection. We look forward to seeing you soon. Find a DeVons location near you.