Diamonds are known for their exquisite beauty, stunning sparkle and remarkable strength, but did you know there’s a belief that their shapes can reveal a lot about a person’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors? From the classic round to the modern radiant cut, each diamond’s shape is unique and has its own characteristics, just like the style and traits of whoever chooses to wear it. Or so they say. So, let’s find out

How Diamond Shapes Can Reflect Your True Self

Round Cut 

The round diamond is the most popular and classic shape of all. It represents elegance, sophistication and tradition. People who prefer round diamonds are presumed to be drawn to timeless styles and accessories. They also tend to be more romantic while putting a tremendous value on traditions. 

Oval Cut 

The oval diamond is another timeless and beautiful shape. It looks similar to a round diamond but with a longer body. It can be a great choice for those who want a classic look with a modern twist. People who wear oval diamonds are believed to be creative, sophisticated and have a keen eye for detail. You know who you are.

Radiant Cut 

The radiant diamond is one of the youngest shapes of this lustrous gemstone. It crosses the dimensions of an emerald cut and the dazzling faceting of a round diamond. People who choose the radiant shape diamond are said to exude grace and poise, and carry themselves with remarkable confidence.  

Emerald Cut 

The emerald-cut diamond is a rectangular shape with step-cut facets. It can be an ideal choice for those who want a vintage or retro look. There is the belief that people who like to add emerald-cut diamonds to their style are deep-thinkers who display an enhanced appreciation of life, especially the lessons learned from the past.   

Princess Cut 

The princess cut is a square-shaped diamond that’s exquisite. It has clean lines and a contemporary feel, making it a popular choice for those who want an exclusive and stylish look. Some say those who pair their style with princess-cut diamonds are confident, bold, and fashion-forward. 

Pear Cut 

The pear-shaped diamond is undoubtedly unique and elegant, resembling a teardrop. It’s a beautiful choice for those who want a sleeker look. Some people think that those who own pear-shaped diamonds are adventurous, passionate, free-spirited and love stepping out of their comfort zone. 

Marquise Cut 

The marquise’s elongated shape makes it stand out from other diamond shapes. It might be the perfect addition for those who want to display a distinctive — yet elegant — style. It’s considered that people who choose marquise-shaped diamonds have a confident, complex and outgoing personalities. 

Cushion Cut 

Cushion cut diamonds are shaped like a square with cut corners featuring a modern brilliant cut faceting. Because cushion cut diamonds evolved from an ancient diamond shape, they’re thought of as a vintage style. Because of the rounded edges of the cut it’s a very durable gemstone, perfect for those who may use their hands often in the workplace or while adventuring outdoors. 

Who Knew Diamonds Could Be So Revealing? 

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