It’s that magical time of year when we are all searching for the perfect way to tell our loved ones how much they mean to us. Whether you’re searching for the perfect pair of earrings for mom, an elegant bracelet to adorn your partner’s wrist or the ring that promises true love forever, you are sure to find a piece they’ll adore at DeVons. This year, why not step out of the box? Read on for our guide to the hidden gems of the DeVons Collection.

DeVons Celebrates the Holidays with Savings

This holiday season, we’re thankful for all the things that make our lives sparkle. DeVons is celebrating by offering 25% off our vibrant colored birthstone jewelry collection if you visit us in-store 11/24/23 through 1/20/24. Happy holidays from your friends in fine jewelry!

Find the Gift They’ll Cherish at DeVons 

This holiday season, show your loved ones how much you genuinely care by gifting them the magic of DeVons. Take a look at our online catalog, or visit your local DeVons for personalized, face-to-face service. At select stores you can also explore the new, dazzling collection from Gabriel & Co., now available for a limited time.

Add a Pop of Color

While a pure diamond might offer effortless, timeless elegance that pairs well with any occasion, you might consider looking for a gem with a little more color. DeVons offers a wide variety of exquisitely designed pieces featuring colorful gemstones, so you can find the one to best suit your loved one’s unique personality.

Embrace the winter color palette and gift them a sparkling blue sapphire piece. These deep, vibrant stones are sturdier than your traditional diamond, making them excellent for daily wear. Traditionally, the sapphire was revered by ancient cultures and thought to bring wisdom, serenity and prosperity to the wearer, and has long symbolized loyalty and undying love.

Another beautiful option is a piece crafted with emeralds as the star of the show. Carrying meanings such as truth, riches and love, emerald rings, earrings or bracelets are a great way to add a touch of sophistication and glamor to any outfit. Your loved one will swoon over these sparkling green stones under the tree this year.

To round out the “big three” of alternative gemstones, you can signify your passion and love for your favorite person with a bold ruby piece. These lustrous red stones radiate warmth and are sure to captivate the heart of any fine jewelry lover in your life.

Perfectly Tailored to Your Tastes

You know your loved ones best, which means you know precisely what they want in their fine jewelry. When it comes to finding a unique, heartfelt gift, sometimes you are the best designer available. That’s why DeVons offers custom design studios for both men and women to create the ring of their dreams. Using these studios, you can ensure every aspect of a ring is tailored to your individual tastes, from the band to the gemstones, whether you prefer something colorful, a classic mined diamond or a Lab-Grown Forever Pure™ diamond. Nothing is more touching than a personalized gift. Show your loved one the time and thought you put into their gift with an exquisitely crafted, utterly unique piece from DeVons.