Whether it is something you wear every day or reserved for special occasions, you look your best when your fine jewelry pieces are sparkling as brightly as they can. A precious piece of jewelry can tarnish and wear over time, so it is important to clean your pieces regularly to ensure they remain truly timeless. After all, a well-maintained piece of jewelry can last beyond a lifetime and can be passed down to your family for generations after you. However, at-home cleaning can be messy, tedious and can even potentially ruin jewelry if the wrong material or technique is used — which is why it is best to leave your jewels in the capable hands of DeVons professionals.

Keep It Like New

There is nothing more elegant than an expertly-crafted jewelry piece. If you take the proper care steps, you can keep your jewelry shining and looking brand-new through its entire lifespan. Scheduling regular cleanings for your jewelry will drastically improve the longevity of your pieces and will keep them shining like new for much longer. Generally, you should aim to take your finer pieces to DeVons every six months. For pieces that you wear every day and are susceptible to more wear and tear, you are welcome to bring them in as often as you like!

Preventative Care

Taking your jewelry to DeVons for cleaning allows our professionals to spot any potential problem areas within the piece before any damage is caused. Chances are, even if you regularly inspect your jewelry at home, you won’t notice a loose stone until it’s too late — but we know exactly what to look for when handling your  jewelry.

Don’t Try This At Home

There are plenty of resources explaining how to care for your jewelry at home. While an at home deep clean might seem like a better option for your daily wear or special occasion pieces, you run the risk of damaging a precious metal or stones if you use the wrong type of care. For example, many believe that toothpaste is a great at-home cleaning product for jewelry. However, something like toothpaste is incredibly abrasive. While it might remove tarnish, it also can damage and scratch your precious stones.

In between professional cleanings, we recommend using a gentle dish soap and warm water solution to remove surface-level dirt and grime buildup. Simply let your jewelry soak in the solution for a few minutes, then use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently scrub the piece all over. A soft-bristled toothbrush is key — you want to avoid using anything that is too hard and could scratch the stones. This method is not a replacement for professional cleaning, but rather, a supplement to it.

Let Us Care For Your Precious Jewelry

Bring your fine jewelry to your nearby DeVons expert, we will ensure that your pieces never lose their magnificence and sparkle. Keep your diamonds and pearls looking brand-new with regular cleaning visits. And, while you’re here, find the next piece to capture your heart, such as one of our Forever Pure™ Lab-Grown Diamonds. Visit our locations page to find a store near you.